Job title:

Chief Executive NPH


Northamptonshire Partnership Homes (NPH)



Responsible to:

NPH Board

To work with the Board to develop the strategic direction and business growth of NPH and ensure that objectives of the Board are identified and achieved.

To lead NPH to ensure:-

  • Customers receive quality, continually improving and innovative services.
  • Finances are managed effectively through developing a clear financial strategy and approach to Risk Management, and
  • Employees are encouraged, supported and developed through inspirational and strong leadership.

To work in the best interests of West Northamptonshire Council in developing, leading and managing the strategy for the delivery of new social/affordable homes and management of all existing West Northamptonshire Council homes, collaborating on the wider agenda such as, environmental issues, healthy life styles and increasing the availability of quality housing resources available to Northamptonshire’s local community.

  1. To work in partnership with the Board to ensure that the vision, strategic direction and annual objectives are clearly identified and delivered.
  2. To Act as a professional and policy adviser to the Board.
  3. To work with West Northamptonshire Council to ensure the Council’s statutory obligations, delegated to NPH, are discharged effectively so that NPH contributes to the Council’s wider strategic objectives.
  4. To inspire, lead and develop the Executive Management Team to ensure that people, finance and other resources are effectively managed to achieve NPH’s strategic aims and objectives.
  5. To provide high quality services to customers, involving them in how the housing stock is maintained and improved, providing tenants with a voice and managing expectations with clear communications and delivering changes on time or before and within or under budget.
  6. To ensure that NPH is a customer responsive organisation with the highest standards of service delivery, including delivering a Customer Services Charter, and empowering customers so they can influence NPH policy and decision making.
  7. To inspire and lead a programme of cultural change designed to move the workforce and services from a traditional local government housing background towards a more modern and innovative approach to services.
  8. To ensure that all aspects of NPH’s business are well managed, for example Rent income, Estate management, Tenancy and Leaseholder Management, Asset management and investment, response maintenance and compliance and Traveller Sites.
  9. To lead, motivate and develop employees to successfully achieve NPH’s customer objectives and to attract and retain expert and high quality employees.
  10. To develop NPH as an employer of choice, including shaping how career development operates, creating policies and procedures that promote an effective working environment in consultation with the workforce and employee representatives.
  11. To maintain and continuously improve effective governance and control arrangements to ensure that the appropriate financial, processes, systems and audit mechanisms are managed to a high standard, so full accountability is taken for financial and risk management.
  12. To act as an ambassador for NPH, building the Company’s reputation with customers, stakeholders and developing a national reputation for delivery and best practice.
  13. To plan the housing infrastructure to meet growing demands, including the building and management of new and affordable social homes and involving the customers and stakeholders.
  14. To attract external funding from a variety of funding sources, in particular obtaining Homes England grant funding on behalf of WNC to deliver new and affordable homes for the people across West Northamptonshire.
  15. To maintain strong relationships and networks with the local community, including political groups, local MPs and the voluntary sector.
  16. To ensure the health, safety and wellbeing for all employees and that NPH is responsive to all equality – disability, race, age, religion, sexuality, gender - and diversity needs of employees and Customers.

Scope of the Job

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